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Podcast Review: Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast with Bob Mortimer

Richard Herring’s new series of podcasts kicks off with an illuminating chat with Bob Mortimer. This time round Herring has had funding from a Kickstarter campaign but don't panic, apart from a plug for his sponsor (hello Duncan Thorley of Maximum Whimsy) at the start and a few namechecks at the end it doesn’t feel remotely like a corporate sell-out.

News: Bob Mortimer To Be The New Face Of Bombardier

Bob Mortimer is to be the new face of Bombardier. Rik Mayall previously fronted the campaign. Mortimer's adverts will start broadcasting on St George's Day, April 23.

In the adverts Mortimer's military character will be seen leading his troops "somewhere hot and a tad dangerous".


News: Writers' Guild Awards – Winners Announced

This results of this year's Writers' Guild Awards have just been announced. In the Best Sitcom Category Him and Her by Stefan Golaszewski beat House of Fools by Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer and Up the Women, by Jessica Hynes.

The Brig Society by Marcus Brigstocke with Jeremy Salsby, Toby Davies, Nick Doody, Dan Tetsell & Steve Punt won Best Radio Comedy, up against Helen Keen’s It is Rocket Science by Helen Keen & Miriam Underhill and John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme by John Finnemore.

TV Review: House of Fools Christmas Special, BBC2

Thank goodness for Vic and Bob. If you watch the first five minutes of this special with your eyes closed you could almost be hearing a vintage episode of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer. There’s a song, some cartoon thumping and Bob saying “don’t matter” just like he did all those years ago. This is V&B back on form at their bizarre best.

News: House Of Fools Fans Sent To Wrong Address

Fans of the Vic and Bob sitcom House of Fools got a fright when they read that the location of the filming they were hoping to see was nearly 200 miles further away than expected.

Northeners such as Oldham comedian Mick Ferry applied for tickets for the second series which they were told was going to be filmed in Media City, Salford. When the tickets arrived, however, they were surprised to see that the address said that they had to go to Elstree, just outside London.

Review: BBC Original Comedy Shorts

With BBC3 due to become an online channel in 2015 I guess the BBC needs to get viewers used to going to iPlayer to watch original content online and not just last night’s episode of EastEnders. To nudge comedy fans in the right direction the Beeb invited a group of famous comedians to make a programme that they had always dreamt about making. The resulting six comedy shorts are pretty mixed, but the one thing one can definitely say about them is that they are very varied in tone. Some are surreal, some are discreetly political.

Review: The Life Of Rock With Brian Pern, BBC4

Update 11/2/14: I did wonder what Peter Gabriel would make of The Life Of Rock with Brian Pern. Despite a plethora of gags at his expense it appears that he liked it (if this is genuine). Read his response here.

News: Nick Helm & Others Getting Their TV Breaks Via The Web

From virals of the posh and dozy Gap Yah guy to The Fast Show shorts, online comedy has been a bubbling phenomenon in recent years. A cheap and cheerful way of screening new sketches and sitcoms, it also provides instant feedback for video uploaders who can track views and monitor comments.

New Interview: Bob Mortimer

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer return to our screens on Jan 14 with their new sitcom House of Fools. Read a preview of the programme here. BTJ spoke to Bob Mortimer about the programme, which co-stars Matt Berry, Dan Skinner, Daniel Simonsen and Morgana Robinson. It is very childish, very odd and very funny indeed. 

Opinion: In Praise of Would I Lie To You?

After a hard stressful week isn't it delightful to slip into something nice and funny and not likely to get the Daily Mail huffing and puffing and hot under the collar? I resisted Would I Lie To You? for a while. Maybe it was the Have I Got News For You baggage Angus Deayton brought as first host, maybe it was the show's initial resemblance to a pub-gossip Call My Bluff. But at some point late to the party I decided that I loved this programme and now I'm hooked.


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