Dara O'Briain
Headline acts at Latitude usually do abridged versions of a current show or an imminent show. Dara Ó Briain was a particularly appealing star attraction on the festival’s opening night because... more
Kyle Kinane
Kyle Kinane comes to the Soho Theatre bearing plaudits from America and his recent acclaimed appearance at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He is supposed to be a cut above the usual slick US comedy... more
Brendon Burns
It’s wryly amusing that early on in Brendon Burns’ latest show he has a pop at the notion of comedians’ comedians and Stewart Lee – “he invented the pause”. Because Burns is a bit of a comedians’... more
Monty Python
Well at least we didn’t hear yet again about Terry Jones having to pay his mortgage. BBC Imagine’s inevitable Monty Python doc was on a hiding to nothing. What hasn’t already been said about the... more
Miles Jupp
It is hard to believe that the UK’s first Museum of Comedy has only just opened. There really should have been one for years. Leicester Square Theatre artistic director Martin Witts opened the museum... more
Original Comedy Shorts
With BBC3 due to become an online channel in 2015 I guess the BBC needs to get viewers used to going to iPlayer to watch original content online and not just last night’s episode of EastEnders. To... more
Badults Series Two
There hasn't been a huge fanfare to mark the return of Badults for a second series, which is maybe understandable. The first series had mixed reviews, so maybe BBC3 wants this run to grow via word-of... more
Secret Kilkenny
I thought I was going to be at Kilkenny’s Sky Cat Laughs Festival this weekend, but some of the more boring bits of real life got in the way. I thought I wouldn’t be too bothered. But then I started... more
Michael Che
I’m slightly ashamed to say this. It feels utterly politically incorrect. But the only comedian I can compare Michael Che to is Hannibal Buress. Like Buress, Che is a young, black American rising... more
Fast Show special
Update 24/5/14. I'm indebted to Paul Holmes of website The Velvet Onion for pointing out to me that last night's Fast Show Special Part One was not quite as new as it seemed. Some, if not all, of the... more


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