ross noble
Ross Noble is one of those genre-busting stand-ups who does not slot naturally into a Live at the Apollo-shaped box. His flights of fancy have been welcome on Have I Got News for You but he has... more
Whenever I write about how good Daniel Kitson is there is a comedian who always comments on it, as if I am prone to over-egging the Kitson cake. Well, I'm afraid that comic might as well stop reading... more
Typical. You wait ages for a sitcom about an unhinged actor and then two pitch up. Hot on the heels of Count Arthur Strong comes Matt Berry as Steven Toast, first seen in a C4 pilot in 2012. And... more
piff the magic dragon
Magic and comedy have become familiar bedfellows in recent years with the likes of Pete Firman, Barry & Stuart, Chris Cox and, of course, Derren Brown blending and blurring genres with notable... more
Update 6/11/13: Final part of Ambassadors tonight. This has been an enjoyable, all-too-short, departure for David Mitchell & Robert Webb. When I think of double acts moving into straighter acting... more
stephen merchant
Some guys have all the luck. Two years ago I was watching Stephen Merchant do short stand-up spots in grubby London clubs bemoaning his lack of success with women. A little later he went on tour with... more
susie essman
A very rare occurrence last night. I actually paid for a ticket to see a comedy show. Due to a cock-up on the cinema screening front I found myself at a loose end with a friend in swinging Soho and... more
man down
Hold the proverbial front page. Stop the so-called presses. Man Down is not yet another school-based sitcom. When I heard that Greg Davies would be playing a teacher in his self-penned sitcom debut I... more
Was It Something
Not sure if this new 'play at home via Twitter' show, hosted by David Mitchell, is the first interactive panel game, but even if it is it is still hard to tell it apart from all the other panel games... more
alan carr
The Brighton Comedy Festival is the first really notable festival after Edinburgh and brings a number of Fringe hits to the south coast this year, such as Bridget Christie and Sara Pascoe, alongside... more


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