on the beach
“You know it’s not comedy right?” When I was arranging tickets for this double bill the promoter warned me that it was not a comedy show. OK, it’s not going to be on Live at the Apollo any time soon... more
David Elms
The Musical Comedy Awards Final always feels slightly different to most other comedy awards finals and last night was no exception. There were only five finalists, they had longer than the usual 7 -... more
Woody Allen set the benchmark pretty high for comedic love letters to Humphrey Bogart when he wrote Play It Again, Sam. But this playful production has a pretty good crack at both sending up and... more
Liam Williams
Channel 4 has released its latest batch of Comedy Blaps. These are short, pocket-sized online pilots featuring some of the best up-and-coming talent from the comedy world plucked and polished up.... more
The Trip to Italy
Follow that. It's a particular problem for comedies. Once a successful formula has been established does one break away or stay in the same groove? We've just seen W1A start on BBC2 and while the... more
I Can't Sing
Well, as one of the songs nearly goes, blow me, it's fabulous. Well maybe not quite, but after all the negative stories about recalcitrant scenery and overrunning scripts I Can't Sing! The X Factor... more
The Pin
I've seen so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe over the years that a show must have something good about it if I can still remember bits of it two years later. The Pin's 2012 show put a new twist on... more
Miles Jupp
It is always nice to see a talented comedian go from who-is-that-bloke? to household name big-time and I think we are currently seeing that happen with Miles Jupp. The dedicated follower of the... more
Eddie Izzard
In all the recent mouthing off about Michael McIntyre's new chat show, the aspiring king of desk-based cobblers has tended to be compared to the latterday Holy Trinity of Talk, Ross, Norton and Carr... more
Michael McIntyre
Just what the people of Britain have been storming Parliament for. Another chat show. Wouldn't it be great to say that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show is so different, so refreshing from Norton, Ross... more


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