Richard Herring
Michael Parkinson eat your heart out. Roll over Graham Norton and tell Alan Carr the news. Richard Herring's "Stephen Fry in suicide attempt" scoop has shown that the biggest stories are not always... more
One of the funny things about this year's festival was that one of the highlights was not a stand-up gig at all in the conventional sense. The Mitch Hedberg Tribute Show paid homage to the cult... more
Last Friday about an hour before I was due to head out to my first gig and file my first review I had a call from the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Comedy Festival press office asking me not to file any... more
judah Friedlander
Judah Friedlander is best known to TV viewers as Frank Rossitano in 30 Rock, but like most great sitcom actors he is also a superb stand-up. He makes his belated UK debut at the Soho Theatre this... more
It's the moment the comedy world has been waiting for. Craig Campbell, Stewart Francis and Glenn Wool back together again at last. Ok, it's not the Stone Roses, but there is something rather lovely... more
Wil Anderson
Smart must mean something different in Australia. When I heard that Wil Anderson was a smart Australian comedian I was expecting someone with attitude, someone who had some new comedic insights into... more
The London comedy scene goes global this week with two shows from visitors from the colonies. Australian comedian Wil Anderson opens at the Soho Theatre on Monday and is there until June 8. Back home... more
robert newman
Normally at a comedy gig I feel self-conscious whipping out my notebook. But Robert Newman's modestly-titled New Theory of Evolution is not a normal comedy show. At times it feels so much like a... more
brian gittins
It's comedy, but not as we know it. Brian Gittins has been on the circuit for a few years now, but his popularity has gained some purchase recently, thanks to his appearance in the Ricky Gervais... more
down the line
I was really glad that the BBC2 series Bellamy's People did not return after one series. Not because it was awful. It was actually very good. But it meant that spoof DJ Gary Bellamy could return to... more


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