Bec Hill
Gilded Balloon****Comedians get their ideas for shows from all over the place. I sometimes wonder if some get them from old skips. Bec Hill got hers last October when she drunkenly described herself... more
Josh Howie
Canons' Gait**It’s a few years since I last saw Josh Howie and his latest show, AIDS: A Survivor’s Story, marks a change in tack for him. Not totally. Despite the doomy title he hasn’t suddenly gone... more
Dan Schreiber
Underbelly***Dan Schreiber is an unashamed geek and not frightened to admit it. He co-created R4's Museum of Curiosity and is a QI Elf and now he brings his love of obscure knowledge to the Fringe... more
Assembly George Square Theatre***When it comes to Richard Herring’s plays I think I’m going to have to take a leaf out of Woody Allen’s script and say that I prefer the early, funny ones. Back when... more
Mark Thomas
Traverse****Mark Thomas certainly has an impressive work ethic. Two years ago he was at the Fringe with a very personal show, Bravo Figaro!. He then spent the last year on the more political, not to... more
Nish Kumar
Pleasance****I don’t know what Nish Kumar has been putting in his tea over the last year but it seems to have done the trick. The London-based comic has always been funny but this year he has gone up... more
Greg McNair
Traverse***I thought I’d limber up for this year’s standup onslaught in Edinburgh by going to see a play about stand up at the Traverse. Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand Up Comedian, by Gary McNair,... more
Anthony Jeselnik
If you aren't partial to baby-killing jokes told by someone who looks like an extra from Grease then it is probably best to give Anthony Jeselnik a miss. The Pittsburgh-born comedian starts his gig... more
James Acaster
The thing about Latitude is that it is impossible to see everything. There is always something you miss because you are having such a good time somewhere else. The festival is also a bit of a victim... more
Mark Watson
Having expected Simon Amstell to be the closing act on Saturday it felt like a bonus that Mark Watson ended proceedings in the Comedy Tent. Watson is a bit of a comedy legend, what with his erudite... more


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