About time
Good title. Maybe it's what a lot of Richard Curtis' critics thought when they read about him saying that this was likely to be his last film as a director. Right, that's the gag that's been nagging... more
matt okine
Matt Okine shared the Best Newcomer Award at this year's Melbourne Comedy Festival with Ronny Chieng and the two comedians' shows, which have both transferred from Edinburgh to the Soho Theatre ... more
Ronny Chieng
The Edinburgh Fringe seems a long way away now, but for some there is no let-up in their globe-trotting quest for giggles. Two Australia-based comedians, Matt Okine and Ronny Chieng, have avoided... more
Fred MacAulay
If there is one thing I like almost as much as comedy it is golf. Yes, that's right, golf. And I'm clearly not alone. I always tried to keep my obsession a secret because it felt more like the kind... more
Bad Education
Well, let's get the gag in before everybody else. Typical. You wait ages for a sitcom set in a school and then three come along in quick succession. We've just had David Walliams camping it up big... more
adrienne truscott
Heroes @ Bob's Bookshop***There is nothing like a big build up to threaten to spoil the fun. Over a couple of days before I saw Adrienne Truscott's show, Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy... more
john kearns
Voodoo Rooms****I guess with John Kearns it is best to start at the beginning to get some sense of the lunacy. He comes onstage sporting a monk's wig complete with bald spot, dodgy false teeth that... more
max & ivan
Pleasance Dome****This year's Foster's Comedy Award shortlist is dominated by solo stand-ups, so it was good to see a token duo slip in there when nobody was looking. Max Olesker and Ivan Gonzalez... more
Gilded BalloonThe So You Think You're Funny? competition has been going for 26 years and in that time winners have included the likes of Peter Kay, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran. So it was strange... more
new art club
Assembly George Square****Well I like New Art Club even if the Foster's Award panel doesn't. Dancers-turned-comedians Tom Roden and Pete Shenton have been coming up to the Fringe with unique,... more


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