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I wrote recently about how sometimes it can be a frustrating for people who see a lot of comedy to hear the same comedians – however brilliant – do the same material every time you see them. This... more
Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival
The Leicester Comedy Festival, partnered for a fourth year by TV channel Dave, runs from February 4 - 22. It is the oldest comedy festival in England. This year there will be over 50 venues... more
Count arthur strong
A ridiculous comedy character standing for election? No, not Al Murray’s Pub Landlord, but Steve Delaney’s Count Arthur Strong, who this week is so annoyed about the street noise waking him up in the... more
Channel 4’s new sitcom Catastrophe starts with a bang. Not the nuclear variety as in ITV2’s Cockroaches though. Here the bang is the sex between the two characters Sharon and Rob (Sharon Horgan and... more
1. Cradle to Grave, BBC2 Motormouth Danny Baker’s autobiography gets the sitcom treatment. Baker is a co-writer himself so expect lots of strange-but-true tales of growing up poor but ‘appy in... more
Stewart Lee
While researching up-and-coming TV comedies for 2015, Beyond the Joke also came across some other projects and proposals for 2016. As far as we know these have not been revealed elsewhere, though we... more
Not a big week for live comedy in London unless you are Jewish or like Jewish humour. The two most notable gigs are Bennett Arron’s Rabbi Santa show tonight at the King’s Head, featuring Arron, Mark... more
John Hamm
When critics heard that Charlie Brooker had become a father there was talk of him becoming more sentimental. Going soft. That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case if the seasonal, sinister and sour... more
Father Slutmas
Robin Ince’s Christmas shows in London have become a bit of an institution, but he has slightly reinvented them this year, rebranding them as Christmas Science Ghosts. The line-up will be fairly... more
Nick Helm
There's always room for weird gigs in comedy and there are some partiuclarly werid ones this week. Tonight Karl Schultz and Joz Norris present their Over The Top Xmas Love-In at the Bloomsbury... more


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