Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year Final

It's the final of the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year this Sunday. The show will be compered by Richard Herring and the line-up has now been confirmed. There are some interesting names on the list. Yuriko Kotani won the BBC Radio New Comedy Award last week. Luca Cupani won So You Think You're Funny? in Edinburgh in August (Kotani was runner-up). Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel was recenty in the news when his short film showing how to make your own Donald Trump out of a whoopee cushion and a croissant went viral. All the 14 acts who have got through from the original 300 entries are as follows: 

Angus Dunican

Bilal Zafar

George Lewis

Jamie W

Jethro Bradley

Jo D'Arcy

Joe Jacobs

LJ Da Funk

Louise Reay

Luca Cupani

Nigel Ng

Olaf Falafel

Svetlana the Oligarch's Wife

Yuriko Kotani

To buy tickets click here.

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