Preview: Megagrotto, Star of Kings

kieran Hodgson

It's bitterly cold outside so why not spend the day inside at Megagrotto in Kings Cross? Not only will you save on your heating bills but you will see a room full of top comedy acts do full-length shows for only £20. As bargains go this one is hard to beat.

And these aren't just any old fly-by-night acts grateful for a bit of stage time. Among those appearing are Kieran Hodgson, who picked up a Foster's Award nomination for Lance, his tribute to his cycling obsession. Plus there's the legend that is Simon Munnery, nutty Lou Sanders and eccentric shape-shifting clown Thom Tuck.

There's also the politically engaged Ahir Shah, inventive Sarah Franken, punchy stand-up Ian Smith and smart-yet-smutty Phil Wang. Nice work from Alex Kealy who has organised this. And, best of all, the venue has heating.

Tickets here.


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