gareth morinan
All I can say is thank goodness for the internet. Otherwise if all the press releases constantly pinging into my inbox were printed on paper and posted there would be no trees left. And my postman... more
miles jupp
Were my ears deceiving me? On Tuesday night I turned Radio 4 on at 6.30pm and heard a familiar Scottish accent being unfamiliarly reasonable. Frankie Boyle was one of the guests on the first edition... more
wright way
So the good news is that The Wright Way will not be coming back. Shane Allen, the BBC's Comedy head honcho has confirmed that there will be no second series of Ben Elton's risible, dated Health... more
john lloyd
I attended the annual breakfast briefing for the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards yesterday. The good news – apart from the fact that the croissants were excellent – was that Foster's has confirmed... more
derren brown
I'd had a hectic time this week so decided not to review Derren Brown's new show, Infamous, at The Palace Theatre. Looking at the reviews that have now appeared I'm torn. Part of me wishes I'd... more
simon amstell
I've had some particularly weird and varied gig-going this week. If you could draw a Venn Diagram I doubt if there is anybody else in London who has been to the same shows as me. Wednesday night was... more
mrs Brown
Do you find Mrs Brown's Boys funny? If you do I'm afraid I cannot help you. All I can say is that you are not alone. The hit sitcom is currently packing them in at the O2 Arena as part of its sell-... more
josie long
When I interviewed Josie Long (picture by Idil Sukan at Draw HQ) in the run-up to her Arts Emergency fundraiser at the Hackney Empire last week she told me off-the-record that they were hoping to... more
A bumper crop of gongs for our comedy brethren in the Queen's Birthday Honours List this morning. Tony "Baldrick" Robinson gets a knighthood for his public and political work and Rowan Atkinson is... more
Would i lie to you?
After a hard stressful week isn't it delightful to slip into something nice and funny and not likely to get the Daily Mail huffing and puffing and hot under the collar? I resisted Would I Lie To You... more


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