Improvised comedy is, by its very nature, full of surprises. And perhaps the biggest surprise is that over two decades after the format became popular on television with Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the... more
russell brand
When you invite Russell Brand onstage at an awards bash you don't know quite what you are going to get. So, paradoxically, the GQ Awards should not really have been surprised earlier this week when... more
daniel kitson
I've been sending out the Beyond The Joke newsletter for the last few months. One of the ideas behind it is that if subscribers like it they forward it to friends, other people read it, like it, come... more
lee evans
Can you ever really give up being a comedian? This thought has occurred to me a number of times recently. On Sunday morning I was reading an interview with David Walliams in the Observer online and... more
As the posters are ripped down and the bills are paid up comedians everywhere will be asking themselves whether it was worth going to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Some have won awards, some have... more
bridget Chritie
I've just been listening to yet another "making feminism funny" interview with Bridget Christie, this time on Radio 4's Women's Hour. Christie seems to have been everywhere since she won the Foster's... more
bridget christie
So after all the huffing and puffing and heated discussion Bridget Christie won the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award this afternoon. There had been rumours that she might not accept the award but,... more
seann walsh
Interesting Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards shortlist. Bridget Christie, Carl Donnelly, James Acaster, Max & Ivan, Mike Wozniak, Nick Helm and Seann Walsh are all in the running for the £10,000... more
red bastard
Earlier this year I travelled to Brussels to take part in a cultural project, Unpack The Arts, in which journalists from around Europe had the chance to see cxamples of ontemporary circus, talk about... more
bridget christie
Best shows of Week One? No contest really. David Baddiel and Bridget Christie. Two shows that are both very different and yet, in a way, quite similar. One is about fame, one is about feminism. Both... more


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