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Opinion: Will Franken Explains His Defining The Norm Awards

A few years ago, following a performance in Edinburgh, someone said of my shows that they were all about freedom. Only on rare occasions throughout my nearly twenty-year career (if you can call it that) have I ever flirted with the possibility that any of my shows had a theme. Usually, when queried about theme by an interviewer or prospective punter, I opt for the convenient catch-all terms of “dreamlike” or “nightmare-esque” or even “LSD trip”. 


News: Comedian Upsets Comedians

UK-based American comedian Will Franken has caused a kerfuffle with the nominations for his inaugural Defining The Norm Awards which have been announced in Spiked online today. The magazine is the awards sponsor.


Opinion: Will Franken On Being An Uber Comic

Yesterday Will Franken, along with Grainne Maguire, Stephen Bailey, Trevor Lock, Lou Sanders and John Robertson, took part in an afternoon of comedy in cars supporting Uber's lift-sharing scheme called UberPOOL. Here Will Franken writes about his experience. 



News: Will Franken Hosts Mimicry Workshop

Following the success of his satire workshop in January comedian Will Franken is hosting another workshop in February. This one will be called I'll Be Your Mirror: Using the Layering Craft of Mimicry to Enhance Linear Stand-Up. 

This will be a one-off workshop to demonstrate unique tips and techniques to aid both new and established performers in honing the comedic art of mimicry. Learn about and take part in exercises on accents, facial elasticity, monologue and dialogue crafting, quick-change segues and more.


Exclusive: Will Franken On Changing Back From Sarah To Will

Editor's note: Earlier this year comedian Will Franken made the decision to become Sarah Franken. He has now decided to revert back to Will Franken. In this exclusive essay he explains his decision.


By Will (formerly Sarah) Franken


News: Will Franken's Special Comedy Workshop

Are you looking for an unusual last-minute Christmas present for someone or just want to learn how to be funny yourself? Comedian Will Franken is holding a special comedy workshop in January entitled "From The Classics To The Clubs: Bringing The Rebellion Of Satire Back To Comedy".


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