Suzi Ruffell

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Suzi Ruffell

If Suzi Ruffell isn't the next big thing she flipping well ought to be. She has become one of the star attractions on the live circuit in recent years and has supported the likes of Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan and Alan Carr (read below about how she got too merry with Alan Carr one night) on tour. Her latest show Keeping It Classy tells the story of how she moved from her working class family in Portsmouth to more middle class circles in London. It's a colourful, compelling tale told with verve and vigour.

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Suzi Ruffell, Pleasance Courtyard

At the very start of Suzi Ruffell’s set she knocked the microphone out of its stand. This was the only slip-up in an hour of excellent comedy that should win her plenty of plaudits this August.

You’ve got to have a USP in Edinburgh and Ruffell’s unique selling point is that she is a working class lesbian, not one of “your Toksvigs, yours Baldings, your Perkins.” She is not exactly like a real-life member of East Enders though. She has gone up in the world and Keeping It Classy is all about bridging that divide. 


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