Shazia Mirza

Comedian Shazia Mirza Talks About Appearing In Pilgrimage

Comedian Shazia Mirza is one of the celebrities appearing in the new series Pilgrimage: The Road to the Scottish Isles. Over fifteen days, the seven pilgrims will follow in the footsteps of the sixth century Irish monk, Saint Columba, seeking out his legacy as a key figure in early British Christianity who helped spread the faith from Ireland to Scotland and beyond.  


Celebrities Embark On New Pilgrimage For BBC Series

The critically acclaimed series Pilgrimage returns to BBC Two and iPlayer in the Spring with a ne -minute series, as seven well known personalities of differing faiths and beliefs embark on a journey of religious and spiritual awakening across land and sea, from Ireland to Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Pilgrimage: The Road to the Scottish Isles celebrity pilgrims are interior designer and TV personality, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who de


New Tour Dates for Shazia Mirza

“I wrote this show two years ago. It was relevant, funny, timely and I knew every single bit of it. Then one day in March, the world ended. I had nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I did what everyone else was doing. I sat on the settee in my pyjamas, stuffing myself with Nutella whilst watching documentaries on Ted Bundy. I thought I’d better change my show and make it more relevant: no one cares about reality TV, celebrity and me starving in a jungle; let’s get real. 


News: Tour Dates for Shazia Mirza

Shazia Mirza is going out on tour with her new show Coconut!, reflecting on the art of survival in a world of crocodiles, coconuts, solitary confinement and alpha males.


News: Mark Watson & Shazia Mirza Join C4's Celebrity Island

Comedians Mark Watson and Shazia Mirza are among the ten celebrities in the next series of The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. They will have to endure four weeks surviving in one of the toughest environments on earth, leaving behind their friends, family, mobile phones and social media accounts.

The series has been filmed during May. At the start of the month Watson tweeted: "I am not on Twitter until June 2, because of a SECRET PROJECT. When I'm back, I hope you will have solved all the problems."

Exclusive: All-Star Mentors Announced For Funny Women Awards

The Funny Women Awards have announced their celebrity mentors.

The finalists of the Stage Award, which takes place at Koko in Camden on September 28 and is compered by Kerry Godliman, can look forward to expert advice from Zoe Lyons, Doon Mackichan, Shazia Mirza, Sara Pascoe, Tiffany Stevenson and Ellie Taylor.

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