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Opinion: Should We Take Comedians Seriously?

It has been a busy time for big comedians lately. Not just busy doing gigs and panel shows and plugging their plethora of product, but also busy being taken seriously. Following his guest editorship of the New Statesman and his appearance on Newsnight Russell Brand has now been taken to task by Robert Webb for being more style than content. Webb wrote a stinging response for the New Statesman saying that Brand's anti-voting stance has made him rejoin the Labour Party.

TV Review: Ambassadors, BBC2

Update 6/11/13: Final part of Ambassadors tonight. This has been an enjoyable, all-too-short, departure for David Mitchell & Robert Webb. When I think of double acts moving into straighter acting roles together I guess the benchmark is Fry & Laurie as the admittedly more comedic Jeeves and Wooster, while then nadir was Hale & Pace in a long forgotten early version of detective drama Dalziel & Pascoe before Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan took over.


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