News: Book Deal For Robert Webb

Robert Webb has signed a two-book deal with Canongate and Audible to write a memoir and a novel.

According to the Bookseller the deal followed an auction with 13 publishers interested in signing the Peep Show star

Canongate will release the as-yet-untitled memoir in hardback and e-book editions alongside Audible’s publication of the audio edition in autumn 2017 with his debut novel following in 2018.

It is reported that the first book will "explore themes of masculinity and gender stereotypes through personal stories about his relationships with his father figures. The memoir will form a 'valuable' part of the ongoing national conversation about gender."

Webb said: "After two years of casually mentioning that I've got a great idea for a book, the people at Canongate and Audible are now proposing to make me write it. Of course, I have responsibilities to those who will find themselves featured in this memoir. To my dead relatives I say, chillax - you're dead. To living relatives I say, look - it could be worse, you could be Adele’s ex-boyfriend. I hope that reassures everyone." 


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