Piers Morgan

News: Piers Morgan V Comedy

Piers Morgan has incurred the wrath of a number of comedians following his provocative tweet about Nish Kumar earlier today.

News: Piers Morgan As You've Never Seen Him Before

It's Piers Morgan presenting Good Morning Britain from a rusty bed in a junkyard with Susanna Reid. As imagined by the stars of BBC Three's Big Field with the aid of archive audio and some very convincing lip-synching.

"How do you feel about waking up in bed with me?" "Queasy".

Oh, and Boris Johnson (Marek Larwood) is reading the weather.



News: Alan Sugar Shuts Up Piers Morgan For Comic Relief

Lord Sugar has said that he will pay £5000 if Piers Morgan will stay off Twitter for the whole of Red Nose Day.

The Apprentice boss made the offer on Twitter after the idea of shutting up Piers Morgan for a day was announced on Good Morning Britain. Lord Sugar called it "the bargain of the century" and added "It's my duty to the nation."

News: Ricky Tomlinson Pays Tribute To Caroline Aherne

Ricky Tomlinson has said that Caroline Aherne should have had a state funeral.

He was speaking on ITV1's Good Morning Britain and paid a moving tribute to Aherne who died earlier this year. 

Tomlinson said: “I’m so glad I didn’t know she had cancer. I only found out the morning she died when I got a phone call. She was wonderful and brave, she never told anyone or complained and she was fabulous. I will love her forever.”

News: Piers Morgan Miaow, John Cleese Touché

John Cleese has become embroiled in a Twitter tit-for-tat with Piers Morgan. The veteran comedian and the journalist/talk show host recently dined in the same New York restaurant on separate tables and afterwards Morgan wrote a column about the incident in the Mail on Sunday.

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