Michael Legge

Video: Before He Was A Bit Famous – Michael Legge Advertises Tandy

We've all got skeletons in the cupboard. Things we've done for cold hard cash when times were hard. Comedian Michael Legge is no expection. Before he became an angry stand-up comedian he did some television ads. One that has recently surfaced features Legge advertising electronics shop Tandy. In the advert a smiling Legge with a bowlcut coiffure pops up around the shop smiling and encouraging people to buy things like mini-TVs and radio alarms. The one saving grace may be that he doesn't have any lines...


News: Soho Theatre Allows Michael Legge To Perform There

An evening’s light entertainment with Dave Gorman lookalike Michael Legge on the harpsichord.


Preview: Alzheimer's Society Comedy Benefit with Richard Gadd, Robin Ince & More

In case you haven't heard, comedians Pope Lonergan and Ben Target are planning a show at the Madelayne Court Care Home in Chelmsford, Essex. You can read more about the idea here.

But before then they are warming up by raising money for the Alzheimer's Society with a benefit gig at the Bill Murray in Islington tonight.

News: TV Try Out For Do The Right Thing

A TV pilot is being made of cult podcast panel show Do The Right Thing.

News: Barry Awards Results Announced

The results of the second Barry Awards (UK) have just been announced. The awards were voted for by performers on the Fringe – one vote per show – and were administered and organised by Barry Ferns and Gareth Morinan. The awards were voted on by 27% of the comedy performers at this years Fringe. The results are below.







1. Best Show category


WINNER: The Herbert in Proper Job - Spencer Jones


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Michael Legge, The Stand


I had a bad feeling about this gig. Excitable Facebook recommendations from friends of the performer never work for me even if they declare an interest and Legge had an armful of them. But anyway, you’ve already seen the stars at the top of this review so you know I’m about to recommend Tell It Like It Is, Steve*. And I’m definitely not a friend of that stupid vegan twat Michael Legge.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Michael Legge

Irishman Michael Legge is a riddle trapped inside an enigma. Or something. He does his own stupid shows, he also does angry stupid shows with library-on-legs Robin Ince. He can also get into a right out lather about the state of the nation, feminism and Andrew Lawrence. Sometimes it is hard to see the difference between Legge being serious and Legge being off his trolley. It doesn’t really matter though because whatever he is saying it is shot through with an appealing daft humour.


News: Comedian Pulls Out Of Gig Because of UKIP...

...Then UKIP invite withdrawn. 

Comedian Michael Legge has pulled out of a festival booking after he discovered that a UKIP representative would also be at the same event.


News: Sara Pascoe Fronts Vegan Comedy Gig

Comedian Sara Pascoe will be fronting a gig featuring a line-up of vegan comedians at the restaurant/arts venue Kabaret at Karamel in Wood Green, north London on January 8. Money raised from ticket sales will be donated to The Vegan Society.

Also on the bill are Michael Legge, Lee Kern, Chris Stokes and Carl Donnelly and there will be a vegan buffet. Tickets are £8 and are available here

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