Video: Before He Was A Bit Famous – Michael Legge Advertises Tandy

 Video: Before He Was Moderately Famous – Michael Legge Advertises Tandy

We've all got skeletons in the cupboard. Things we've done for cold hard cash when times were hard. Comedian Michael Legge is no expection. Before he became an angry stand-up comedian he did some television ads. One that has recently surfaced features Legge advertising electronics shop Tandy. In the advert a smiling Legge with a bowlcut coiffure pops up around the shop smiling and encouraging people to buy things like mini-TVs and radio alarms. The one saving grace may be that he doesn't have any lines...

Legge recently finished a run of his latest Edinburgh Fringe show The Idiot. 

He is also part of the hit podcast panel show Do The Right Thing alongside Danielle Ward and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, where the teams have to work out the right thing to do in any given situation. Listen to it here.

He has also recently had his own Radio 4 programme called The Last Days of Michael Legge. Listen to that here.

Watch Michael Legge advertise Tandy below



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