Mawaan Rizwan

Interview: Mawaan 'Helium Egg' Rizwan On Taskmaster 2020

Ok, we admit we were wrong. When Channel 4 sent over a batch of interviews with the contestants in the new series of Taskmaster BTJ didn't run the one with Mawaan Rizwan. We thought nobody would know who he was. But after the first show went out on Thursday night everyone will now know him as the man who tried to make an egg fly by filling it with helium. Of, course, we at BTj will now say that we've known he was great for years.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Mawaan Rizwan, Pleasance Dome

If you like socks, dancing and mango chutney Mawaan Rizwan's show is definitely the one for you. In fact even if you don't particularly like these things you will probably still get a lot out of his in-your-face feelgood show. He is one of those performers who is simply bursting with so much energy and charisma he is impossible to dislike.


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