Joanna Scanlan

TV Review: Puppy Love, Episode 4, BBC4

I think I know where Puppy Love is going wrong. They actually seem to have played down the presence of pooches in an effort to avoid the humans being upstaged. Yet what’s the point in creating a sitcom about dog lovers and not featuring lovely dogs? Puppy Love is good, but it could have been so much better.

TV Review: Puppy Love, Episode 3, BBC4

Right, I’m sticking with this like a dog with a bone. The third instalment of this dodgy doggy sitcom finds Nana V (Joanna Scanlan) more hard up than ever and Naomi Singh (Vicki Pepperdine) more snobby than ever.

TV Review: Puppy Love, Episode 2, BBC4

Sitcoms have a habit of swerving off in a direction you can’t necessarily predict from the first episode. That was definitely with the case of Detectorists, which preceded Puppy Love in the same slot. And now this week's second episode of the doggy comedy drama has me more confused that ever. 

TV Review, Puppy Love, BBC4

Ever since The Thick Of It there has been a trend for smartarse, slightly superior sitcoms without laugh tracks to tell you when to giggle. W1A was a smartarse sitcom skewering the BBC, while Getting On did for the NHS what The Thick Of It Did for Westminster office politics. Rev frequently did a similar thing with the church.

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