TV: GameFace, E4, Episode 2

By one of those quirks of scheduling one of the storylines in the second episode of GameFace is very similar to a subplot in the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode which just went out. In both shows someone is seen dating someone else who is a doppelganger of someone they have just rejected. Anyway, that's just one of those freakish comedy coincidences – unless GameFace's Roisin Conaty and Larry David are the same person.

TV: GameFace, E4

If you are the kind of person who doesn't watch E4 because you think it is a bit too youthy, then make an exception for GameFace, the new series written by and starring Roisin Conaty.

It is very much about a woman of a certain age - definitely no longer youthy – trying to curb her chaotic excesses with little success. Marcella (Conaty) is a struggling actor, making ends meet as a children's entertainer (not easy when you are hungover, as she often is) and in various dead-end temp jobs (also not easy when you are hungover).

News: Roisin Conaty's GameFace Comes To E4

Roisin Conaty’s self-penned sitcom GameFace, a new six-part comedy for E4, is due to start later this year. The series began life as a short comedy BLAP and sees Conaty play Marcella, an aspiring actress with a distinct world view who despite being ever optimistic can’t quite get her work, family or love life on track.

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