TV: GameFace, E4

TV Review: GameFace, C4

If you are the kind of person who doesn't watch E4 because you think it is a bit too youthy, then make an exception for GameFace, the new series written by and starring Roisin Conaty.

It is very much about a woman of a certain age - definitely no longer youthy – trying to curb her chaotic excesses with little success. Marcella (Conaty) is a struggling actor, making ends meet as a children's entertainer (not easy when you are hungover, as she often is) and in various dead-end temp jobs (also not easy when you are hungover).

Somehow – Bridget Jones alert! – she manages to live in quite a nice flat with some nice friends and even had a nice boyfriend Simon (Dustin Demri Burns) until recently. A recent flurry of pissed late night comments on his Instagram account after their split was not a very sound move. 

She is trying to get back on track and thanks to a Groupon deal is having life coaching sessions. Meetings with her coach Graham (Karl Theobald) punctuate various incidents, which is a good move on the part of the script as it adds some pace and stops Marcella simply crashing from one calamity to the next.

There are some lovely moments here when she is out and about though - trying to talk down a suicidal woman shows that Marcella obviously has a caring side even if it doesn't go quite to plan. And Ben Clark from Pappy's has a nice cameo as her idiot chum who has never seen Friends before.

It looks like things might be about to change as the opening episode progresses. Could there be a potential romance with her driving instructor Jon? (Damien Molony). Well, there might be if she can sober up enough to remember she has booked a driving lesson. Imagine Miranda but with slightly less falling over and a lot more boozing. 

GameFace, Thursdays from October 12, 9pm, E4.

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