Live Review: Elis James, Pleasance, Edinburgh

For those of you enjoying Crims on BBC3 you may be interested to read this review of Elis James when he did a stand-up show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012. His stage persona was not a million miles away from his Crims character, a bit on the meak side but not by any means stupid.


TV Review: Crims, BBC3, Episode 2

I’m quickly developing a bit of a soft spot for Crims. The new prison-based sitcom does not exactly reinvent the wheel when it comes to the genre, but there is definitely something fresh about it which makes it very watchable.

In the second episode there is a familiar old face among the inmates. And I’m not talking about Welsh stand-up Elis James – it has not been explained how someone whose teenage years are clearly a long way behind him is in a Young Offender institution. Maybe that’s a twist that will come out later.


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