Review: The Cockfields, Gold

I was a bit confused by the first episode of the second series of The Cockfields, written by and starring Joe Wilkinson as genial son Simon bringing his girlfriend to stay with his family on the Isle of Wight. And not just because his father Ray has changed from Bobby Ball to Gregor Fisher and sprouted a Scottish accent.

And not just because Simon has a new partner – Diane Morgan is no longer in the series as Donna, Susannah Fielding from This Time With Alan Partridge plays Esther.


First Image From Second Series Of The Cockfields

The first image has been released from the second series of The Cockfields.

Gregor Fisher joins the cast, taking over from the late Bobby Ball as dad Ray Cockfield.

Fisher spoke about joining the cast. 

On working with Sue Johnston: ‘I had never met Sue before we did this series together. She is absolutely delightful, and was a delight to work with from beginning to end. She’s a joy. Sue is just in a different class. She made me laugh a lot.’


Gregor Fisher To Replace Bobby Ball In Second Series Of The Cockfields

Comedy channel Gold today announces that Gregor Fisher will return to the world of sitcom to join the cast of The Cockfields as it is commissioned for a second series. Fisher takes on the role of Ray, originated by the late Bobby Ball.


TV Review: The Cockfields, Episode Three, Gold

Note - for those that haven't seen the final episode yet this does contain spoilers...


This has been a real gem. It's a shame it is only a trilogy, but in those three episodes we have really got to know the Cockfield clan. Yes, they might be a bunch of Isle of Wight oddballs, but they are – mostly – a bunch of very sympathetic, engaging Isle of Wight oddballs.


TV Review: The Cockfields, Episode Two, Gold

There were no major dramas in the first instalment of this three-part comedy and there are none in the gloriously mundane second part either. Unless you count a minor altercation with a neighbour (Dan Renton Skinner) about a hedge.


TV Review: The Cockfields, Gold

In David Baddiel's new play God's Dice the lead character talks about infinite parrallel universes. If this is the case then there must be a universe where Joe Wilkinson is the superstar host of an American chat show, just like James Corden is in this universe. And Wilkinson is part of the way there here. There is a definite Gavin and Stacey vibe to three-part comedy The Cockfields, which is set on the Isle of Wight rather than South Wales.


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