Britain's Got Talent

News: Triple Comedy In Britain's Got Talent Final

Update - Lost Voice Guy has won Britain's Got Talent 2018. Robert White was second.

Three comic acts will be up against each other in this year's final of Britain's Got Talent.

Lost Voice Guy, Micky P Kerr and Robert White will be competing, making the chances of a comic act winning the talent show for the first time ever pretty high. Daliso Chaponda is the most successful comedy act on the show to date, coming in third last year.

Opinion: To Do Britain's Got Talent Or Not To Do Britain's Got Talent? That Seems To Be The Question For Comedians

Maybe it’s just the motley bunch of comics I hang out with on Facebook but this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has become a major talking point online. 

Opinions vary from mockery to support via outright contempt for comics selling out and doing their ruthlessly edited hard-learnt schtick in front of Simon Cowell and co in return for a shot at mainstream fame. 

News: Micky P Kerr Appears On Britain's Got Talent

The latest comedian to appear on Britain's Got Talent is comic songsmith Micky P Kerr.

Kerr's act includes his famous "Bag for Life" routine, which did not seem to impress Simon Cowell but was appreciated by Amanda Holden.

The runner up in the 2016 Musical Comedy Awards is the latest in a run of circuit comedians who have made a splash in the current series. Previous weeks have seen appearances from Noel James, Mandy Muden, Lost Voice Guy and Robert White.

Opinion: Should 'Real' Comedians Do Britain's Got Talent?

I’ve been a comedy critic and a TV critic for longer than I care to admit so I should have known about this years ago. Until recently I always assumed that the acts on Britain’s Got Talent are all wannabes who queue up at the studios at dawn hoping for their big break in front of Simon Cowell. This is not the case.

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