Opinion: Inside No 9 - The All-Time Top Six Episodes

Following on from the excellent third series, BBC2 is repeating some earlier episodes. The 12 Days Of Christine, which went out again last week, certainly seems to be a favourite of a lot of fans judging by social media. Out of curiosity I had a look at the number of page impressions articles about Inside No 9 have notched up on Beyond The Joke. And, surprise, surprise, The 12 Days Of Christine comes out top there. This doesn't necessarily mean it is the most popular episode as it has had more time to notch up clicks than recent episodes - maybe in a few months reviews from the current series will overhaul it. But at the moment at least this outstanding performance from Sheridan Smith reigns supreme. So for trainspotters out there what would the dream six-part series be if it was made up of the top six rating episodes on BTJ. You asked? Here is the answer...

1. The 12 Days Of Christine

2. The Harrowing

3. The Riddle Of The Sphinx

4. Private View

5. Tom & Gerri

6. A Quiet Night In

FYI: Empty Orchestra was seventh and Cold Comfort, which a lot of people have championed recently on Twitter and is being repeated at 10pm on Tuesday April 4, was eighth.

The 12 Days Of Christine is on catch-up here.




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