Reginald D Hunter
Crazy hair, controversial opinions. No, not Russell Brand, but Reginald D Hunter. The soft-spoken American hit the front pages earlier this year for using the word "nigger" during a set at the PFA's... more
It's been business as usual for Russell Brand in the last few weeks. A kerfuffle on Newsnight where Jeremy Paxman called the guest editor of The New Statesman "trivial" and had a go at him for... more
ross noble
Ross Noble is one of those genre-busting stand-ups who does not slot naturally into a Live at the Apollo-shaped box. His flights of fancy have been welcome on Have I Got News for You but he has... more
Whenever I write about how good Daniel Kitson is there is a comedian who always comments on it, as if I am prone to over-egging the Kitson cake. Well, I'm afraid that comic might as well stop reading... more
Typical. You wait ages for a sitcom about an unhinged actor and then two pitch up. Hot on the heels of Count Arthur Strong comes Matt Berry as Steven Toast, first seen in a C4 pilot in 2012. And... more
piff the magic dragon
Magic and comedy have become familiar bedfellows in recent years with the likes of Pete Firman, Barry & Stuart, Chris Cox and, of course, Derren Brown blending and blurring genres with notable... more
Update 6/11/13: Final part of Ambassadors tonight. This has been an enjoyable, all-too-short, departure for David Mitchell & Robert Webb. When I think of double acts moving into straighter acting... more
stephen merchant
Some guys have all the luck. Two years ago I was watching Stephen Merchant do short stand-up spots in grubby London clubs bemoaning his lack of success with women. A little later he went on tour with... more
susie essman
A very rare occurrence last night. I actually paid for a ticket to see a comedy show. Due to a cock-up on the cinema screening front I found myself at a loose end with a friend in swinging Soho and... more
man down
Hold the proverbial front page. Stop the so-called presses. Man Down is not yet another school-based sitcom. When I heard that Greg Davies would be playing a teacher in his self-penned sitcom debut I... more


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