The Pin
I've seen so many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe over the years that a show must have something good about it if I can still remember bits of it two years later. The Pin's 2012 show put a new twist on... more
Miles Jupp
It is always nice to see a talented comedian go from who-is-that-bloke? to household name big-time and I think we are currently seeing that happen with Miles Jupp. The dedicated follower of the... more
Eddie Izzard
In all the recent mouthing off about Michael McIntyre's new chat show, the aspiring king of desk-based cobblers has tended to be compared to the latterday Holy Trinity of Talk, Ross, Norton and Carr... more
Michael McIntyre
Just what the people of Britain have been storming Parliament for. Another chat show. Wouldn't it be great to say that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show is so different, so refreshing from Norton, Ross... more
GQ has a long-standing reputation for being a stylish fashion magazine, but it is also building up a reputation for stylish comedy. Thanks to the contacts book and charm of its comedy editor, stand-... more
Brett Goldstein
Brett Goldstein was unlucky to miss out on a Foster's Award nomination with his latest show, Contains Scenes of an Adult Nature, in Edinburgh last summer, but he seems to be doing OK without... more
the last gasp
Every delicious box of luxury chocolates has to have a dud in it that is left in the bottom layer after all the favourites have been snapped up. In the case of the brilliantly tasty Inside No. 9 it... more
kate lucas
When you watch a comedy competition for newish talent it is often easy to decide who is the best. It is more difficult to work out what some acts will be doing in, say, a decade. Who could have... more
Tom & Gerri
After two distinctive episodes which had plenty of laughs alongside the shivers, the third instalment of Inside No. 9, Tom & Gerri, tiptoes into taut psychological thriller territory, with very... more
Lewis Schaffer
Benefit gigs are usually crammed with acts doing quick smash-and-grab sets, partly for the cause, sometimes to try out new material and sometimes, let's not beat around the bush here, to win new fans... more


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