Review: This Country, Episode 6, BBC Three (And BBC One)

This wonderful series ends with an episode that takes its cue from the classic sitcom idea that characters are trapped. From Steptoe & Son to Red Dwarf to The Office the comedy comes from people being unable to break away from each other. That certainly looks like the case here. Or is it?

Kurtan has had an offer of a college place in Swindon and is all set to go, thanks to the vicar’s help. In a hilarious scene Kurtan is so ecstatic that he has been offered a place that he forces the vicar to listen to a rave track while he dances around the room shirtless before saying “let’s go down the pub and get shit-faced.”

Kerry, however, is less happy about Kurtan’s imminent departure and goes into a sulk of epic proportions. If he does go to Swindon he has to return a lost Pog. And he is not allowed to use her invented swear words when he gets there. 

Despite Kerry’s entrepreneurial ambitions – it's a cab company this week – she seems more trapped than Kurtan. As her school friends leave she increasingly falls back on younger new friends, which means that she has now formed the “Dump Gang” with a bunch of kids. It’s both tragic and hysterical the way she comes up with petty club rules for their shabby den built out of old junk and attempts to boss them about.

But will Kurtan actually leave? He starts getting stressed and having second thoughts when he sees pictures of swirls on the college carpets in the prospectus. And then he is freaked out by pesto on the campus canteen menu. Maybe, like Harold Steptoe and Tim from The Office his dreams of escape will have to wait a little longer. Watch to find out. And congratulations to writers/stars Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper for creating the first classic new comedy of 2017.

Available on iPlayer here.

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