I’m afraid I cracked. I’d seen so many references on social media to the final episode of Car Share from people who had watched it on iPlayer I couldn’t handle the tension any longer. I had to watch... more
There seems to be a traffic jam of comedies featuring characters in vehicles at the moment. There is Peter Kay’s Car Share of course and then there is Bucket, in which Miriam Margolyes and Frog Stone... more
Fans of live comedy may have seen Tom Binns doing rubbish DJ Ivan Brackenbury and dodgy psychic Ian D Montfort on the circuit and in Edinburgh in recent years. Now finally, after a BBC one-off last... more
It’s not often that Peter Kay is upstaged. Even rarer that he is upstaged by a monkey, but that’s the best bit by far in the third of only four episodes in this current series. It would be unfair to... more
I’m not sure whether this should be billed as a preview or a review. At the time of writing the second episode of Peter Kay’s Car Share has not been broadcast, but judging by the Ed Sheeran-style... more
It is hard to come up with a new TV format these days. So hoorah to BBC3 for commissioning Murder In Successville. Not quite a sitcom, not quite a whodunnit, not quite an impressions show, not quite... more
Improvised comedy-crimebuster Murder In Successville returns to BBC Three on 19 April with Tom Davis back as DI Sleet. The guests in this series are Richard Osman, Martin Kemp, Lorraine Kelly,... more
Miriam Margolyes has pretty much cornered the market in dotty old ladies so she is certainly doing what she does best in this new four-parter written by Frog Stone, who plays her daughter Fran. ... more
Let’s make one thing crystal clear. The death of Victoria Wood last year was a tragedy. Not just for her family but for comedy. She was only 62 years old and was still at her creative peak. The only... more
Major spoiler alert. At the start of the second series of Car Share John (Peter Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) aren’t even sharing a car. Who says Peter Kay is a comedian who prefers to play safe... more


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