TV Preview: A Girl's Guide To TV, BBC2

This one-off has slipped into the schedules without much of a fanfare. Which I'm surprised about because it is fronted by the breakout star of The Mash Report, Rachel Parris.

In fact it is co-written by Parris and comedian Tom Neenan, who was also involved in The Mash Report so don't be shocked if there is a bit of a stylistic overlap. 

This time though it is a more conventional clip show, with Parris linking footage of the likes of Barbara Woodhouse, Jayne Mansfield, Grace Jones and Fanny Cradock and demonstrating "how women can get ahead in television, 'despite their bodies teeming with pesky oestrogen'." It wasn't available to preview but I'm confident it will be worth watching (if it isn't I'll quickly edit this last bit).

A Girl's Guide To TV, Saturday, June 9, BBC2, 10pm.


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