When a show is on its thirteenth series it would be understandable if it was starting to look a bit tired and ragged around the edges. But Live at the Apollo has survived a move – some might say... more
Is Tim Key the hardest working man in showbiz? As well as performing onstage in his brilliant new live show he has recently popped up onscreen in Detectorists, Zapped, Gap Year and loads more.And now... more
The Christmas spirit has already started this year. Not just with the John Lewis adverts but with this comedy. There is no Frankincense or Myrrh but this one-off from Gold starring Johnny Vegas has... more
MacKenzie Crook
Golden Era For Sitcoms?Writer, director and star Mackenzie Crook has said that this is the last series of Detectorists. If that's the case it will be a great shame. There really is nothing like it on... more
The pilot of Motherland went out last year and was one of the best pilots I've seen in recent memory. But then that's no surprise. Look at the writing credits for starters – Graham Linehan, Sharon... more
Fearless adventurer Tony Law leads an intrepid team attempting to recover the Lost Girdle of the Amazons. Tony Law is a celebrity explorer, in the mould of Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Several years ago... more
Greg Davies returns for a fourth series of Man Down and I sense a bit of a theme emerging. He has previously had a run-in with a turkey and in the first episode of the new run of... more
By one of those quirks of scheduling one of the storylines in the second episode of GameFace is very similar to a subplot in the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode which just went out. In both shows ... more
If you are the kind of person who doesn't watch E4 because you think it is a bit too youthy, then make an exception for GameFace, the new series written by and starring Roisin Conaty.It is very... more
Following a massive refit, the team behind the Scottish Comedy Awards has joined forces with gourmet restaurants La Rotunda, Yen Oriental & Mezze to launch Scotland's largest comedy club. ... more


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