TV: Meet The Richardsons, Dave

TV: Meet The Richardsons, Dave

In interviews to promote this new series in which he stars as himself with his real-life wife Lucy Beuamont, comedian Jon Richardson has compared Meet The Richardsons to Seinfeld. “You see their lives and how it informs their stage act.” I’d beg to differ about the comparison. To me the series is closer to Curb Your Enthusiasm with, albeit, slightly less inappropriateness from the male star. Heck, Lucy Beaumont even looks a bit like Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry David’s ex-wife in the hit HBO show.

But back to Meet The Richardsons. This new series is a scripted sort-of-reality fly-on-the-wall sitcom following the lives of Richardson and Beaumont and their small scene-stealing daughter in scenic Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. What you basically need to know is that it is very funny and has a lot going for it.

The two stars play heightened versions of themselves. In the case of Richardson I certainly hope it is heightened. He is so anti-social his idea of a good night out is being on his own in his own private pub in the back garden. And he has an ongoing grudge with young whippersnapper Rob Beckett, who he feels is hoovering up all the TV work that should by rights be his. There’s some lovely bitchy showbiz game show footage of their rivalry worthy of The Larry Sanders Show.

It is down to Hull's finest, Beaumont, who is also very comical in a straighter way, to keep a sense of long-suffering normality and domesticity around the house. In the first episode they are laying on a party, with family friend Bernie Clifton chipping in. Of course it ends in comedy costumes and chaos as you would hope.

Fans of Richardson’s misanthropic, obsessive stand-up style will certainly enjoy him in his natural habitat. And if you don’t like the comedy there are also some lovely views. The Richardsons have said they hope the show will boost the Hebden Bridge tourist industry. Though Jon has added that he hopes it doesn’t bring too many visitors to the area. He probably moved there to get away from people.

No need to curb your enthusiasm here, there is plenty to be enthusiastic about.

Meet The Richardsons, Thursdays from February 27, Dave, 10pm.


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