TV: This Country – Episode Two, BBC Three/BBC One

TV: This Country – Episode Two, BBC Three/BBC One

Fears that award-winning mockumentary This Country might outstay its welcome and run out of steam by returning for a third series were quickly dispelled with last week's classic opener and the standard stays just as high for this second episode following life in a Cotswold village.

If episode one was more about Kerry, this episode is more about Kurtan, who is having driving lessons. The cousins are looking forward to Kurtan learning to drive, because it means that they can finally expand their horizons. Who knows, maybe even go into Cheltenham...

Of course, these are not conventional driving lessons. Long suffering soft touch Reverend Francis Seaton (Paul Chahidi) is teaching Kurtan (Charlie Cooper) and newly unemployed Kerry (Daisy May Cooper) insists on tagging along for the ride and giving Reverend Seaton hilariously long shopping lists for snacks when he pops into the local store. 

Elsewhere Len Clifton, played by the writers' real-life uncle Trevor Cooper goes missing and then is taken ill for reasons that will soon become apparent.

Oh, and Kurtan has a new shopping trolley. Of little things like this comic brilliance is made.

Available on BBC Three weekly from 7pm, Monday, February 24 and at 10.35pm on BBC One on the same evening.

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