shappi khorsandi
As the final week of 2013 turns into the first week of 2014 the comedy circuit rolls on. While comedians pepper Twitter and Facebook with memories of traumatic, riotous pre-Christmas gigs that they... more
Luisa omielan
If you are looking for laughs this week the comedy circuit has not quite shut down for the holidays. There is plenty to enjoy at the Soho Theatre, where Tony Law continues his run of Nonsense... more
Greg Davies
Christmas might be hurtling towards us but the comedy circuit is showing little sign of slowing down. This week there are two major runs in London as well as two massive one-offs. On Monday night... more
Robin Ince tickets
I'm not saying Nish Kumar: Is A Comedian should have won the Foster's Award in Edinburgh this summer, but I was surprised that it didn't get talked about more as a contender for a nomination. Maybe... more
Trevor Noah onstage
It is both pleasing and intriguing when a distinctive comedian that you have liked for years suddenly starts to gain wider acceptance. This has definitely happened to Tony Law since he was nominated... more
Alex horne
One of the finest comedy variety nights out is Alex Horne's Horne Section and our host has just announced a special lunchtime Christmas edition on Dec 18. This week, however, he returns to the day... more
Tape Boy
Even stand-up comedians have to have a bit of a holiday at Christmas, if only to count up all the royalties they've made on their DVD sales. But in the run-up to Yuletide there are still plenty of... more
chortle book festival
It is such a good idea I can't believe nobody has thought of it before. In fact it is such a fiendishly simple, fiendishly inspired, fiendishly brilliant idea I'm kicking myself that I didn't think... more
For a small island the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland punch well above their combined weight when it comes to stand-up comedy and two fine exponents come to London this week.First up there is... more
arnold brown
It feels like a festival of Slightly Unsung Comedy Heroes at the Soho Theatre this week. On Tuesday night Arnold Brown, one of the original Comedy Store gang, appears with a show named after his... more


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