The Pin
This is only my opinion of course, but sketch shows can be a bit of a challenge to watch. Yes, apologists can trot out the old defence that if you don’t like one sketch another will be along soon.... more
David Trent
Multi-media comedy had been done before, but when David Trent appeared on the scene a couple of years ago he turned heads with his angry combination of clips and quips. Or maybe it was just the... more
Angela Barnes
Angela Barnes is the best mainstream female comedian I’ve seen since Sarah Millican*. I can't be any clearer than that can I? She has gradually been building up an impressive following wind since... more
Josh Widdicombe
Can you ever reinvent the flatshare sitcom? Or to be more precise, can you reinvent it in 16 minutes? Or to be even more precise, can you reinvent the flatshare sitcom in 16 minutes in a BBC pilot... more
In the first in an occasional series, Beyond The Joke takes a look at comedians heading to Edinburgh who have something unlikely in common. First up we take a look at comedians who share a passing... more
Tony Law
Putting the right show together for the Edinburgh Fringe is no walk in the park. Ask Tony Law. He has been coming to the Fringe ever since before I could grow facial hair. He tried all sorts. He did... more
It’s a relatively quiet week for stand-up in London, with a lot of comedians putting the final touches to their Edinburgh shows. Look out for our regular previews and round-ups during the week. There... more
Nish Kumar
Nish Kumar is one of those crafty comedians who has been getting better by stealth. There has been no landmark breakthrough show, he has simply improved every year. He is a smart funny storyteller... more
The return of The Alternative Comedy Experience has got to be a Good Thing. Even though maybe its job is already done. When the first series went out last February it was championing the kind of... more
kerry godliman
I first spotted Kerry Godliman over a decade ago when she was in a short-lived Evening Standard-sponsored comedy competition. Greg Davies - whatever happened to him? – won, but I was impressed by... more


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