Edinburgh Preview: Ivo Graham

Ivo Graham

One of the enduring paradoxes of the stand-up comedian is that one often plays it low status when one is actually quite high status. It’s an intriguing phenomenon, this alpha male/female nerd schism. I guess Ivo Graham fits into it as much as Woody Allen. Graham's last two autobiographical shows have been about his difficulties adjusting to life outside university and his difficulties losing his virginity. But beneath that spoddy, self-deprecating, board game-playing exterior surely beats the heart of a smooth operator. Let’s park the fact that Graham went to Eton and Oxford for a moment. Sod his education, he is bloody funny and can make an immaculately crafted riff look like a casual aside. He has also been smart enough not to hurtle into showbiz at the first sniff of fame. He won So You Think You’re Funny at the Fringe in 2009 aged 18, but still went to uni before lobbing himself headlong into the comedy world. It has taken a while for Graham to get stuck in, but it has been worth the wait.

Ivo Graham is at the Under One Roof Festival tonight with James Acaster and Tim Key, tickets here, and at The Pleasance from Aug 5 - 30, tickets here.

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