Terry Alderton
Has anyone tried to attack you while you've been at work recently? Probably not, but a news story today suggests that it happened to Terry Alderton during a gig this week. The Essex stand-up was... more
Kevin eldon
Sunday 14/4/13 Coincidence corner. NBC's Saturday Night Live in America did a punk spoof this week as a tribute to Margaret Thatcher, which included their own Grundy/Pistols parody. Not as good as... more
Totally tom
Oh, isn't the internet wonderful. I wrote and posted this short opinion piece on the rise of poshness in comedy while I was waiting to go to a comedy classical music concert at the Royal Festival... more
David Walliams
Interesting news today that David Walliams is to star in as well as co-write a new BBC1 sitcom, Big School, alongside Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister, Joanna Scanlan from Getting On and Daniel Rigby... more
Clarification – The Comedy Club referred to throughout this article is not to be confused with the entirely different "The Comedy Club Ltd" which does not run any regular comedy clubs in central... more
Chortle Awards
When the fifth Chortle Award winner was announced last night and Pappy's won best Character or Sketch Act I received a sharp nudge in the ribs from my partner as she said "you know the results... more
Doc Brown
About three years ago at the Edinburgh Festival a friend came up to me in the bar and said that I had to see a new performer called Dr Brown. My friend said that he was brilliant and completely... more
Alan partridge
And so the waiting is over. After all the rumour, gossip and on-off-on-ness of the project, the Alan Partridge movie is happening. It was announced today that it will be called Alan Partridge: Alpha... more
russell brand
Foulmouthed Frankie Unleashes Torrent Of Anti-Royal Abuse At Russell Brand's Charity Show. I'm not a headline writer but I could see something like this coming. None of the critics who reviewed last... more
john bishop
I don't know what it is about stand-up comedy but everyone seems to be at it these days. Maybe it's because nobody has any job security any more. Maybe it's because everyone at heart is a bit of a... more


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