pub landlord
To the opening night of Micky Flanagan's London arena stint last night. Three nights at Wembley plus seven nights at the O2 Arena might not quite be a record but it wouldn't surprise me if the... more
Arthur Smith
I've heard plenty in the media recently about the comedy industry still being riddled with sexism, but I've heard less about the industry being riddled with ageism. Well, not much anyway. I was... more
jason manford
I was asked recently if I thought comedians made it big quicker these days. It's an interesting question. I guess the question arose for two reasons. Firstly because so many comedians are playing... more
sean lock
Great show, shame about the audience. I've thought it a few times recently, particularly at big theatre shows. At arena gigs a few idiots would have to be particularly disruptive to spoil the night... more
Was It Something
I think it would be pushing it to say that there is a raging feud between Charlie Higson and David Mitchell about sketch shows being elbowed out by panel shows. In fact if they have not already met I... more
The reports in the press today of an alleged incident between a comedian and a journalist who had been live tweeting about his performance underline something I have been thinking about a lot... more
Adam Hills
I went to see Adam Hills film his new live DVD at the Hammersmith Apollo last night. There was a hiccup with the ticketing which meant that Hills started an hour late. You'd expect this to put the... more
angel comedy
I had an email from Islington's Angel Comedy Club earlier this week announcing their Comedy Extravaganza starting on September 30th. This is a week of gigs launching their new season. Sorry, I... more
brian appleton
Update 15/10/13. Terrific fun seeing David Brent's debut gig at the Bloomsbury Theatre last night. The melodies made you tap your feet, the lyrics made you clench your buttocks. Read full review here... more
billy connolly
Update 18/9/13 – After this piece about comedians discussing their prostates appeared I received some interesting feedback. I was advised by one reader that I should go back to my doctor and insist... more


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