Inside No 9
Is this a Golden Age of TV Comedy? There may not have been a landmark series such as I’m Alan Partridge or The Office or The Thick of It, but there have been a number of unmissable comedies from old... more
“How many comedy shows do you see every week?” After “do you like Michael McIntyre?” it’s the question I get asked the most when I tell people what I do for a so-called job. Well now I can sort of... more
Dapper Laughs
As comedy goes it could not have been more meta if Stewart Lee had made a cameo appearance. Just when we thought we’d seen the last of him Dapper Laughs released a new video on YouTube on Christmas... more
British Comedy Awards
I had a man in to sort out my central heating earlier this week and inevitably the subject turned to comedy. I asked him who his favourite was. “The little fella” he said. After a bit of guesswork it... more
Russell Brand
Well he looked like a revolutionary, albeit a well-scrubbed up revolutionary. But he didn't sound much like one. I’ve been trying to work out what went wrong with Russell Brand’s appearance on... more
James Acaster
I turned on the radio yesterday afternoon and heard a comedian telling people not to go to his gig. It was James Acaster on Radio 5 and while he was there ostensibly to plug his extended Soho Theatre... more
Lee Evans
I was listening to the tributes to newly-crowned Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton this morning and one particular thing was mentioned that caught my attention. Hamilton was just the tip of a... more
Lee Evans
I guess your thoughts on Lee Evans announcing his retirement from stand-up comedy depends on what you think of him as a stand-up comedian. I’ve been a big fan of his for years, but like a number of... more
Lizzie Bates
When people ask me what I do, I say ‘I’m a comedy writer and performer.’ And then, feeling like a massive fraud, I inevitably follow that with, ‘and a part-time receptionist and office manager.’... more
Critic at work
One of the bits of fall-out from the whole Andrew Lawrence furore is that he told me on Facebook that I am not welcome at his forthcoming London shows. Not much change there though. There was no... more


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