Lee Evans
I was listening to the tributes to newly-crowned Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton this morning and one particular thing was mentioned that caught my attention. Hamilton was just the tip of a... more
Lee Evans
I guess your thoughts on Lee Evans announcing his retirement from stand-up comedy depends on what you think of him as a stand-up comedian. I’ve been a big fan of his for years, but like a number of... more
Lizzie Bates
When people ask me what I do, I say ‘I’m a comedy writer and performer.’ And then, feeling like a massive fraud, I inevitably follow that with, ‘and a part-time receptionist and office manager.’... more
Critic at work
One of the bits of fall-out from the whole Andrew Lawrence furore is that he told me on Facebook that I am not welcome at his forthcoming London shows. Not much change there though. There was no... more
Jimmy Carr
So a gathering of members of the music industry, a business famous for its bad behaviour, felt that a comedian went too far? Apparently so, according to reports of the response to Jimmy Carr’s jokes... more
Lee Mack
I was interested to read in the Observer yesterday that Ade Edmondson is not a big fan of stand-up comedy. Apart from his other gripes he said that shows were too long: “Twenty minutes is all right,... more
James Woroniecki is the Director of the 99 Club, which runs Comedy Clubs across London and has been awarded Best London Club at the Chortle Awards for the last four years running. He has an... more
Daniel Kitson
There has been a lot of coverage in the past few days about the comedy club in Barcelona where they are trying out a pay-per-laugh policy. There are a few things that bother me about this. Apart form... more
Nick Helm
I’m often asked if I have ever done stand-up comedy. I haven’t and I usually say that I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less. Well I can. I’d rather do stand-up than run a comedy club.As... more
Tiernan Douieb
This weekend I did a spot at one of my favourite smaller gigs in London. It’s one of those clubs that’s been run by the same people since way before I was even considering a comedy career, and has... more


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