Tony Law
It’s been a funny week when it comes to getting the joke. On Wednesday night I went to the first night of the Greenwich Comedy Festival. The perfect-looking National Maritime Museum, by the way, must... more
Jon Richardson
I heard recently that a rising comedy star had split up with her boyfriend, a fellow comedian. Nothing unusual about that, you might say. Relationships sadly come and go. But it did strike me as... more
Jim Davidson
In music in recent years there has been the phenomenon of Guilty Pleasures. Songs that deep down in your heart you know that you should hate, but somehow you can’t get the tune out of your head.... more
Janey Godley
Picture the scene, I walk out of a gig at Edinburgh Fringe, it's raining and I am laughing and saying goodbye to some folks and I get straight into a cab as someone shouts "Loved the show Janey" and... more
Werner Herzog
German film-maker Werner Herzog has revealed that he will be appearing in the seventh series of the sitcom Parks & Recreation. At a Q&A at the Brooklyn Academy of Music he said that he had... more
Joan Rivers
Every comedy journalist will have their own memories of Joan Rivers. Here are a couple of mine.  I had an insight into her real personality behind the bulletproof onstage confidence when I... more
Ricky Gervais or David Brent?
If we have learnt one thing this week it is that it doesn’t matter what you do, if you put something on your computer the chances are people will see it even if you delete it. Ricky Gervais has been... more
Comedy loves misery. That’s the theory. That’s why grumpy Tony Hancock was so funny. That’s why Les Dawson made a hit out of rarely cracking a smile. And more recently Jack Dee’s perma-scowl has been... more
John Kearns
Here is a picture of Foster’s Award winner John Kearns pulling a comical face. I don’t know if it was his choice or if the photographer coaxed him into it, but it feels like the kind of thing that... more
John Kearns
So John Kearns won the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award today. The first ever Best Newcomer to win the main prize in the following year and, perhaps more significantly, the first Free Fringe performer... more


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