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TV: Inside No. 9 – Series 4, Episode 3, Once Removed, BBC2

Just as you, well I, might have been thinking that Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton were going soft in this series, along comes Once Removed like a punch in the gob.

This third instalment centres on the goings-on in a delightful country house where the owners are about to move. And we all know how stressful moving is don't we? We've probably all wanted to kill someone during the process.

TV: Inside No. 9 – Series 4, Episode 2, Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room, BBC2

Are Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton going soft? The consistently excellent Inside No. 9 has a reputation for sending chills down the spine but after last week's rather lovely Shakespearean opener they gone a bit sentimental this week with the love-letter-to-old-showbiz-friendships, Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room, directed by Graeme Harper.

Interview: The League Of Gentlemen Returns - Reece Shearsmith

The League of Gentlemen returns to BBC Two this Christmas with three new episodes to celebrate the group’s twentieth anniversary at the BBC. December 18 - 20, BBC2, 10pm.

News: First Image From New Series of The League Of Gentlemen

The first image from the new series of The Leagie of Gentlemen has appeared on social media.

It was tweeted earlier today by actor Matt Bevan and also by Reece Shearsmith and features Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton in character on the set as Ross, Mickey and Pauline. 

The three new episodes are set to be broadcast on BBC2 over the Christmas period. And, as this picture shows, some old favourites will be returning. 

News: Latest News On The League of Gentlemen Reunion

Deep breath...Mark Gatiss spoke at the Oxford Union this week. As well as addressing a chamber full of undergraduates he was also interviewed and answered questions during a Q&A.

News: League of Gentlemen Reunion Confirmed

The much talked about reunion of comedy legends The League of Gentlemen appears to be definitely on.

Following a supportive tweet about the show from film director Duncan Jones Mark Gatiss posted a message of Twitter earlier today saying: "Thanks so much for your kind words Big fan. You may be pleased to know that we're planning a 'League' anniversary special!"

Reece Shearsmith followed up by replying: "We are indeed."

TV: Inside No 9 – Diddle Diddle Dumpling, BBC2

It’s another complete U-turn of tone this week in Diddle Diddle Dumpling, starring Reece Shearsmith and Keeley Hawes as ordinary suburban couple David and Louise. Except, of course, there is nothing ordinary in Diddle Diddle Dumpling.

TV Review: Inside No 9 - The Bill, 10pm, BBC2

It’s that time again. When critics try to wrestle with writing about the brilliant Inside No 9 without giving away any spoilers. And times are even harder now. In the past one could give reveals away after the broadcast as it would be hard to see the programme unless it was repeated. Now that a viewing is always only a click away even reviews should keep their lips sealed.

Video: Inside No 9 - New Series New Trailer

There is eagerly anticipated and then there is the wonderful  Inside No 9. Watch the tantalising trailer for the third bone-chilling series from Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton here. The new episodes should air on BBC2 later this month (we fairly confidently predict). 

News: Christmas Special Followed By 2017 Run for Inside No 9

The eagerly anticipated third series of Inside No 9 will be preceded by a Christmas special. 


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