Train Guy

Video: Bob Mortimer's Train Guy Returns Plus Response From Geoff Linton

Bob Mortimer's Train Guy has returned with a lockdown broadcast.

Hear about the results of a recent face adjacent gallery meet with Geoff Linton. 

He wants chinstraps to go on his bobble hats.

"You are, as always, an angry mackerel..."

And this just in, Geoff Linton (Matt Berry) has responded. "...wants me to locate some chinstraps that won't strangle the elderly..." Watch here.


Video: New Train Guy With Bob Mortimer – Hi Mum

Bob Mortimer is back with a new Train Guy and it's bad news. He has just been in the Zoom booth with Geoff Linton. Yes. The Geoff Linton. And as a result he can't now visit his mother at the weekend because Geoff wants him to groupthink some perceptions on the optics for the bobble hat project...

Watch Train Guy below


Video: Train Guy Is Back With Belgian Loffles

Bob Mortimer is back with another bulletin from Train Guy. It's not looking good with the bobble hats...



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