News: Fry And Laurie Sketch Predicts Social Distancing

News: Fry And Laurie Sketch Predicts Social Distancing

In the late eighties/early nineties there was a bit of a vogue for doing interviews in unusual ways. Paula Yates did hers on a bed on The Big Breakfast and I remember Rowland Rivron doing them while in the Thames. But one sprang to mind recently that is painfully appropriate and I've not seen anyone else mention it. It's A Fry and Laurie sketch in which the interviews were conducted "standing quite a long way away from". I thought they did it on their BBC sketch show but the only clip I can find is this audio clip from the all-star Saturday Live. Does anyone else remember it and/or have a link to a visual version?

Listen to Standing Quite A Long Way Away From Below

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Update 9/3/21: thank you to George Shuttleworth, who a year on, has just sent me a link to a video of the  Saturday Live performance which you can watch below



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