Review: Sketch Off Final 2024, Leicester Square Theatre

This year's Sketch Off Final had me worried for a while. The line-ups are usually consistently strong and the standard is usually very high throughout. I was one of the judges* and at half-time this year although I'd enjoyed all of the acts, I hadn't really seen anyone who I thought had that special something - call it X Factor if you must – to make them the winner. 


Sketch Off 2024 Final – Results

The final has taken place of this year's Sketch Off competition at the Leicester Square Theatre. 

10 acts competed for the prize of £500 and a gig at the Museum of Comedy.

And the results are as follows:

1. Burger And A Pint

2. Jonathan Oldfield

3. Mudfish

The compere was Sam Nicoresti and last year's winner Ellie BW was the headliner.

Read a review here.

The other finalists were:


Review: Sketch Off 2023 Final, Leicester Square Theatre

I guess April Fools Day was a pretty good day to have this year's annual Sketch Off Final, brilliantly hosted by waspish thespian Anna Mann (alias Colin Hoult). Though maybe they need to think of a new title. It's not just sketches, you see, it's character comedy, monologues, anything really apart from trad stand-up, or as they put it, it is a "showcase for the UK's best up-and-coming sketch artists and character acts".


Sketch Off 2023 Final – Results

The 2023 Sketch Off Final has taken place at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Ten acts competed for the title in a hotly contsted high stand competition that boasted musical acts and character acts as well as sketches.

The show was hosted by the legendary thespian Anna Mann and there was a headline set by reigning champions Low Effort Sketches

And the results in reverse order are as follows.

In third place was Andrew Doherty.


Sketch Off Final Results

The final of the annual Sketch Off competition took place at the Leicester Square Theatre last night, hosted by Anna Mann/Colin Hoult. 

The winners were Low Effort Sketches, Dregs came second and Christian Brighty came third.

The other finalists were Cowtools, Alice Cockayne, The Lovely Boys, Kit Sullivan, 2 Mouthed Men, Klause Fantastiche & Darren Thomas PSHE teacher. Last year's winner Kathy Maniura did a set while the judges deliberated.



Live Review: Sketch Off Final 2020, Leicester Square Theatre

It wasn’t a great surprise that the Leicester Square Theatre was not quite full for this year’s Sketch Off Final. What was more of a surprise was that the line-up for the final was not full of sketch acts. There were probably only three traditional sketch acts in the ten-act final. Maybe next year the organisers should consider a Character Comedian of the Year Competition. After all, the host, spoof thespian Anna Mann (alias Colin Hoult) is already a classic character and would give the acts something to aim for.


News: UK Tour And Major London Show For Sketch Combo

With nine million hits on their YouTube channel, Foil Arms & Hog have a fast-growing fan-base; their weekly sketches, filmed in Dublin, include the hilarious WTF is Brexit?, US Immigration Test  and How to Speak Dublin.  The boys are equally in their element, however, when performing live to sellout audiences, and for this reason they are taking to the road in 2018 with a big tour of the UK and Ireland. 


News: Entry Now Open For Annual Sketch Off Competition

Entry is now open for the annual Sketch Off! competition.

Following the ongoing success of the New Comedian of the Year competition & last year's Old Comedian competition, Leicester Square Theatre and the Museum of Comedy are now showcasing the UK's best up & coming sketch artists, and it's into its third year.


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