Sean McCloughlin

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sean McLoughlin, Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

There are so many strong shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year it is easy for some to get overlooked by reviewers. Sean McLoughlin doesn't seem to have had many critics in so far but he doesn't seem to be having much difficulty getting fans into his show. I had to squeeze into the back for this one and watch it on a bench facing the wrong way.

TV: Brexit Stage Left, Viceland

Given that most comedians are sticking Brexit material into their act faster than you can say “Conservative minority” it is quite canny of broadcaster Viceland to come up with the four-part Brexit Stage Left, in which a group of comics – Jamali Maddix, Alfie Brown, Fern Brady and Sean McLoughlin – travel to Europe to see what we are going to be missing in a few years and also get to do a gig.

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