Sarah Millican

News: Comedy Report Confirms Rise of Women

Ticketmaster today reveals that female comedians are enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity, with ticket sales having trebled since 2011. The finding forms part of Ticketmaster’s State of Play: Comedy report, the most comprehensive study ever done into the UK comedy industry which also divulges where, how and who with, we enjoy comedy, and shows just who and what tickles our funny bones.


Opinion: Another Chat Show, Another Man

So this week it was announced that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show will start on BBC1 in the Spring. It is no surprise that the network has found a new vehicle for the nation's skippiest stand-up star. And maybe no surprise that it's a chat show. McIntyre is great talker and, more importantly, also a great listener. Anyone who has seen him do small shows will know that he likes nothing better than banter with his audience, so hopefully the sparks will fly when he banters with his guests.

Opinion: Marriages Made In Comedy Heaven

It must be a laugh-a-minute in their house. That was the inevitable first thought when I heard yesterday that Sarah Millican and Gary Delaney had tied the knot. My second thought was congratulations. My third thought was that I wouldn't have liked to have been the best man. No pressure on that speech then.


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