News: Year of the Rabbit Returns

Channel 4 is to return to Victorian London for a second run of Year of the Rabbit. The six-part series will once again focus on tough booze-hound detective Rabbit (Matt Berry), his hapless partner Strauss (Freddie Fox) and the country’s first female police officer Mabel (Susan Wokoma) as they fight crime in London’s east end.


Opinion: Top TV Comedies 2019

As I've written elsewhere, difficult times make for difficult comedies and there have been some shows in 2019 that barely fit into the traditional comedy template. You can read about those here although one also features in this list by virtue of it having laughs as well as a more reflective, emotional side.


News: Nigel Farage Attacks Year Of The Rabbit Assassination Scene

Nigel Farage has attacked Channel 4 comedy Year of the Rabbit for featuring a storyline in which a politician is assassinated while making an anti-immigration speech. 

In the series a right-wing campaigner called Neil Fromage is shot in the head. The spoof-sleuthing series stars Matt Berry as a Victorian crimefighter with sidekicks played by Fredddie Fox and Susan Wokoma. It is written by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley who previously worked on shows including American political comedy Veep.


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