Opinion: Top TV Comedies 2019

Opinion: Top Comedies 2019

As I've written elsewhere, difficult times make for difficult comedies and there have been some shows in 2019 that barely fit into the traditional comedy template. You can read about those here although one also features in this list by virtue of it having laughs as well as a more reflective, emotional side.

But mostly below, in no particular order, are the shows that simply made me laugh the most this year. Shows that totally tickled my funny bone first and didn't necessarily do anything else. 

The Good Place (Netflix)

Divorce (Sky Atlantic)

Motherland (BBC)

Home (C4)

After Life (Netflix)

Stath Lets Flats (C4)

Vic and Bob's Big Night Out (BBC)

What We Do In The Shadows (BBC)

The Cockfields (Gold)

Harry Hill's Clubnite (C4)

Defending The Guilty (BBC)

Year of the Rabbit (C4)

Mum (BBC)



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