Martin Clunes

News: New Doc Martin Starts Filming

Filming begins this week on the new series of Doc Martin with Martin Clunes starring as Dr Martin Ellingham, the GP with a brusque bedside manner and a phobia of blood.


TV, Warren, BBC One

If you watch the right programmes – Derry Girls, Catastrophe – you could easily argue that we are going through a golden age of sitcom at the moment. On the other hand if you watch Warren, starring Martin Clunes as the perma-grumpy titular driving instructor, you might feel that the sitcom is fatally wounded.


TV: Warren, BBC One

Fans of TV comedy have been getting excited recently over a run of great new shows in the pipeline such as Home, Derry Girls and a little old thing featuring Alan Partridge. Well, it's not all cutting edge comedy out there though. On the same night that Alan Partridge returns BBC One is also launching this new sitcom starring Martin Clunes.


Interview: Martin Clunes On New BBC Sitcom Warren

Martin Clunes stars in Warren, a new BBC sitcom in which he plays a selfish, grumpy driving instructor juggling job and family and sitting in his car. I guess that's what you call a sitcom vehicle. Warren starst on BBC One on Monday, February 25 at 9pm.


Video: First Trailer Released for New Martin Clunes Sitcom Warren

The first trailer has been released to promote the new comedy Warren, starring Martin Clunes and starting on BBC One on Monday 25th February at 9pm.


News: Man Gear-Changing Badly? Martin Clunes Driving School Comedy

Martin Clunes is to return to the BBC to star in a new sitcom.
He will play Warren Thompson, a pedantic driving instructor who thinks the world is against him, in the titular Warren.

Clunes' character is forced to move from the south up to Preston when his partner Anne’s father falls ill.


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