Video: First Trailer Released for New Martin Clunes Sitcom Warren

martin clunes new sitcom warren

The first trailer has been released to promote the new comedy Warren, starring Martin Clunes and starting on BBC One on Monday 25th February at 9pm.

Warren Thompson suddenly finds himself in his mid-50s, forced to move from the south up to Preston when his partner Anne’s father falls ill. Warren’s living in an area he doesn’t like, doing a job he’s not emotionally cut out for, and looking after two teenage stepsons, Charlie and Danny that he never wanted.  Never blessed with any sort of patience or a paternal instinct, Warren just wants an easy life. He’s happy with a clean house, a neat garden, and a nice cup of tea. But thanks to his naturally difficult personality, Warren is constantly finding himself in sticky situations. He’s always making life hard for himself and often on the verge of losing it. There are no happy endings for Warren as he grapples against the problems and misunderstandings of his own making.

Watch Martin Clunes as Warren in the trailer below.



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