Kayvan Novak

Review: The Celebrity Voicemail Show, BBC3

A few years ago Kayvan Novak seemed to be all over TV like a rash. Not just in prank shows such as Fonejacker and Facejacker but acting in comedies such as Inside No 9, Uncle and Rev. In this one-off he returns to what he made his name at, basically putting on ludicrous voices.


TV: Britain Today Tonight, C4

Compared to the way some new comedy programmes are endlessly trailed Britain Today Tonight seems to have flown in under the radar. It sounds like an interesting concept though. A homegrown spoof American news show reporting on contemporary life in the UK fronted by man of a thousand prosthetic faces, Kayvan Novak.

News: Fonejacker Star Leaves New Phone Messages

Kayvan Novak, the star of C4's prank show Fonejacker, is working on a new show for BBC Radio 4.

The Celebrity Voicemail Show is an entirely fictitious comedy show written, improvised and starring only Novak, in which he imagines what it might be like to hear the answerphone messages of the rich and famous.


TV Review: Asylum, BBC4

Is Asylum about Julian Assange? Co-writer Peter Bowden doesn’t think so, tweeting: “You may see Assange. You're free to see Assange….But that's not what I wrote and you'd be wrong.” An email I received from the publicist, however, said that it “is based on the true stories of whistleblowers - including the likes of Julian Assange.” But let’s leave the debate to others and review the programme, written by Bowden and Thom Phipps and conceived by Kayvan (Fonejacker) Novak and producer Tom Thostrup.

News: Kayvan Novak in Julian Assange Comedy Drama

Fonejacker star Kayvan Novak is to play a Julian Assange-type figure in a forthcoming BBC4 production. Asylum is described as "a satirical comedy about a government whistle-blower and a millionaire internet entrepreneur trapped together in a London embassy".

The programme is the idea of Novak and his Fonejacker producer Tom Thostrup. It is written by Peter Bowden and Thom Phipps..


New BBC Comedy Feeds Announced

A new batch of BBC Comedy Feeds pilots, due to be released in July, have been announced today. All nine comedy pilots have been commissioned for iPlayer and BBC Three by Shane Allen, Controller BBC Comedy, Victoria Jaye, Head of TV Content for BBC iPlayer and Zai Bennett, former Controller BBC Three. 

This year’s Comedy Feeds include:

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